Here is a sampling of papers and stories I’ve written. To see many more stories and pictures in a journal format, check out my blog.

Above the Clouds
January 2000
Short story about finding the other side of the clouds

Your Flight in a Time Machine
April 2000
What it’s like to fly in EAA’s Ford Tri-Motor 4AT

Leaving the Nest: My First Solo
June 2000
The story of my first solo flight during private pilot training

Builder’s Pride
June 2001
Flying in a homebuilt airplane

One Flight, One Big Chain Reaction
October 2001
How I got involved in aviation

The Suicide Club: Early U.S. Air Mail Sacrifices and Contributions
March 2002
A research paper on the history of United States air mail

Improving Airplane Stall Characteristics with Fixed Devices
April 2003
A research paper on wing modifications that improve flight safety and performance

In Heaven by Five (excerpt)
September 2004
My first flight in an SR22 takes my friend and I above the clouds at sunset