Young Eagles Article

I just noticed that the story of my student Chris Turke made it to the EAA Young Eagles web site.  Chris was my first student and I soloed him on his 16th birthday on March 18th. Download a copy of … Read More

Young Eagles Event a Success

Twelve eighth graders from the Neenah Boys & Girls brigade showed up for Young Eagles rides at Brennand Airport this morning.  I gave a preflight inspection demonstration and had the kids get involved hands-on in checking the airplane.  Then I … Read More

Gearing Up for a Busy Saturday 

This upcoming Saturday morning, a few other pilots and I will be flying Young Eagles at Brennand Airport.  Our event was set up through the Neenah Boys & Girls Brigade, where I gave an auditorium presentation on October 4th.  We’ll … Read More

Young Eagles Flights Rescheduled

The Young Eagles flights for Neenah Boys & Girls Brigade members were scheduled for tomorrow, but they have been rescheduled for Saturday, October 29th.  I’m sick and we don’t have enough pilots.  Hopefully the 29th will work out.

Flew Six Young Eagles This Morning

A group of students from the Menominee Tribal School took a field trip to the Austin Straubel Airport in Green Bay today.  They visited facilities on the airport and learned about aviation careers.  As a special treat, they got to … Read More

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