Cloud Nine

Things are going great. Although my internship was supposed to end Friday, I was told I’m welcome to work as much as I want the next two weeks and still get paid. I’ve also got a lot of flights that … Read More

GlaStar Flight

It was a hot and humid afternoon at Pioneer Airport today. I felt like I never sat still and I drank probably a gallon of water. We were busy with a lot of Young Eagles flights and Travel Air rides. … Read More

No Trip to Dubuque

Okay, now I’m really feeling flying withdrawal syndrome. I haven’t flown in a couple of weeks and I see airplanes practically every day. I didn’t go to Dubuque to fly this weekend because there was some miscommunication and I couldn’t … Read More

Started Internship

Yesterday (Tuesday) I started my 10-week internship at Pioneer Airport. I did the paperwork and got some training, then was turned loose to work. I just happened to start on the right day too: I met Lane Wallace, a writer … Read More