AirVenture Friday

It was warm and humid today but not too terrible. We only got a quick rain shower at the end of the day. I was at Pioneer until 6:00 when I went to the flight line to work with the … Read More

AirVenture Thursday

I saw many friends today, some by plan, some by chance. I browsed the exhibit hangars, walked around the planes, and worked at Pioneer Airport. I shot a nice picture of a Mustang.  

AirVenture Tuesday

I’ve been working at Pioneer Airport and continued doing so today. I took a helicopter ride during the airshow. Later, after closing, I walked around the grounds with my co-worker and got an overview of what there is to see … Read More


After about a month of anticipation, tonight I found out that I have been given the internship that I applied for! I am this summer’s Everett Weekly Intern at EAA! I will be working at Pioneer Airport in Oshkosh on … Read More

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