Oshkosh Plans, or Lack Thereof

It would be different if I weren’t totally broke.  There were years that I went to EAA AirVenture the entire week.  Now, with my meager income and heaping bills, I’m scrambling for ways to go to Oshkosh for at least … Read More

A Great Day in Oshkosh

I spent the whole day at AirVenture today. I went to Rod Machado’s morning forum and had him autograph my logbook. Then I was lucky enough to fly in a helicopter thanks to a friend at the Ultralight area. I … Read More

To Oshkosh by Habit

I went to AirVenture today out of habit more than anything. It’s already Thursday and I felt strange about not going Tuesday or yesterday. I wasn’t in a hurry, though, and I arrived at 2:30 while it was still raining. … Read More

I’ll Miss Oshkosh

Today I found out that the funding for the internship I had last summer wasn’t renewed. That means that I won’t have the full-time job of working at Pioneer Airport this summer as I had tentatively planned. I’ll miss it … Read More

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