Eighth Trinidad Lesson

Three full-stop taxi-back landings took 0.8 of an hour today at Dubuque.  Kyle had me do a normal takeoff and landing, a soft field takeoff with a no-flap landing, and another soft field takeoff with a short field landing.  The … Read More

Sixth Trinidad Lesson

It was sunny but windy today, with a crosswind component of 15 knots.  Several 172s stayed on the ground during my block.  The Trinidad can handle 25 knots of crosswind (however, our school limitation is 15), so I flew it.  … Read More

Fifth Trinidad Lesson

I got back in the Trinidad after nearly a four-month hiatus.  (I have been jumping around in the syllabus due to instructor switches, credit for flight experience outside school, and because I transferred from an old to a new syllabus … Read More

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