More Maneuver Practice

I flew 1.3 hours this evening.  I saw some of the river flooding that is on the news!  I did a little better at lazy eights.  I also worked on steep turns and eights on pylons.  I can do eights … Read More

Fourth Trinidad Solo

After a month lapse I found myself in the Trinidad again.  The weeks before graduation were very busy, and afterward the weather was mostly stormy.   I flew around for a while and then did three landings, logging 0.9.

Tenth Trinidad Lesson

I’m just about dizzy with commercial maneuvers.  Kyle flew with me again and I did all the maneuvers for an hour.  Maybe I need to stop working on these things for a while, because one thing seems to be getting … Read More

Ninth Trinidad Lesson

Kyle went up with me to see how I’m doing.  He helped me do better lazy eights and chandelles.  I did a good steep spiral.  I logged 1.1 and we planned another dual lesson for more practice.

Second Trinidad Solo

I’m trying to build Trinidad time as quickly as possible in order to take passengers as soon as possible, and I’m also having a lot of fun flying it!  Tonight I put in a lot of time – 2.8 hours … Read More

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