Multitasking Means I Get It

My review lesson in the Trinidad last night could have passed a checkride.  Everything was within standards.  I did perfect steep turns and some decent chandelles.  Then, the ultimate test: lazy eights!  Not only did I do a consistent good … Read More

Confident About Maneuvers

Okay, no more solo practice, I’ve decided.  Tonight I decided I can do a good job with the commercial maneuvers without needing a lot of luck.  I practiced lazy eights and eights on pylons, which are the only two things … Read More

Quick Trinidad Flight

The weather was nice this evening.  I went flying in the Trinidad again.  On the way to where I practiced a couple maneuvers, I caught a glimpse of the Grand Excursion celebration in Dubuque.  I logged 0.8 hours.

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