…And Again… Checkride Tomorrow

I‘m sounding like a broken record, but my checkride was rescheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday).  I flew 0.8 hours of takeoffs and landings tonight with my instructor.  We did the necessary paperwork for taking a checkride.  It’s getting late and I … Read More

Rescheduled Again

My commercial checkride got rescheduled again.  The examiner is doing another corporate trip.  My checkride is scheduled for Monday the 13th.  More study time!

Commercial Checkride Scheduled

I should say “rescheduled.”  My commercial checkride was scheduled for Wednesday the 8th at 8:00 a.m.  Turns out the examiner has to fly a trip Wednesday and Thursday.  My checkride is now scheduled for Friday the 10th at 8:00.  

Always Read the Fine Print

Oh no!  My checkride was scheduled for two days from now until I realized I am missing part of the required training.  I double-checked the regulations and found something buried in there that will cause me another delay.  I don’t … Read More

Schedule that Checkride!

The weather from August 23rd to the 28th was totally rotten.  All five of my scheduled lessons were cancelled.  I flew today, reviewing commercial maneuvers and landings with my instructor.  I did well enough to convince my instructor I am … Read More

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