A Few Hours of CAP Flying

My Civil Air Patrol squadron recently received its new airplane and today I got to fly it.  (We traded with a different squadron and got this nice 172 with a wonderfully comfortable new interior and a sparkling, sharp paint scheme.)  … Read More

CFII Checkride Coming

After receiving about ten hours of dual instruction scattered around since August, I am just about ready for my instrument instructor checkride.  Now if the weather would just cooperate…

0.2 Actual

Until today, I hadn’t flown through clouds since the fall of 2003!  Today I had a flight lesson towards my instrument instructor rating and I had to file an IFR flight plan.  There was a low, thin layer of clouds … Read More

Three More Approaches on the Sim

I flew the simulator again in Green Bay today.  I haven’t flown with my own students since December 7th.  The weather has been pretty unpredictable.  On the PCATD today I flew three approaches, a DME arc, and a VOR hold.  … Read More

More Simulator Practice

I had a 1.6-hour simulator lesson today.  We practiced the worst-case scenario of two important instruments failing with no warning in the middle of a critical flight operation.  It took me two attempts to survive that, but everything else went … Read More

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