Cessna 150 Fun

I got the chance to give this Cessna 150 some exercise this afternoon. I forgot how easy and fun a 150 is to fly! The landscape is looking very November-like, and the sun sure does set early.

Bringing the 150 Home

It was cold (10-15 degrees F), but otherwise the weather was great for flying. I flew the 150 back to Clintonville where it will stay indefinitely. It might get sold, or I might get to bring it back to Dubuque … Read More

Flying Back to Dubuque

It wasn’t necessarily the best night for crossing half the state in a Cessna 150. I had to go back to Dubuque from Clintonville. At first I climbed to 4,500 feet but only stayed there for 15 minutes. It was … Read More

Maintenance and Night Flight

The 150’s owner and I spent part of the afternoon troubleshooting the plane’s minor radio problems, washing the dirt off its belly, changing its landing light bulb, talking, and watching other people fly. We installed a different radio. After dark, … Read More

Morning Fall Colors

What a beautiful morning. The sun came up between Lake Michigan and the layer of broken clouds at 8,000 feet. Everything glowed with rich color at 8:00 in the morning. It took two tries to start the 150 in the … Read More

Still Faster than Driving

One of my classes took a field trip to the Wisconsin Maritime Museum in Manitowoc, Wisconsin (MTW) today. Despite delays in getting to the airport and taking off, and despite the slow speed of the 150 combined with a headwind, … Read More