by Kate Bernard
last updated: 12/30/14

Cessna 172 Airplane - stock imageFlying opens up a new world with new possibilities. You can do more in less time. You can fly for business, pleasure, or a career. You can take short local flights or long trips. You can experience freedom and enjoy the view. Being a pilot is fun and exciting!

To become a pilot, you need to meet some basic eligibility requirements, be medically fit to fly, take the required ground and flight training, and pass the required tests.

If you are considering learning to fly, you probably have several questions. This site offers guidance and resources for anyone considering learning to fly. You’ll find answers about common flight training questions here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are the Entry-Level Pilot Certificates?
  2. What are the Eligibility Requirements for a Pilot Certificate?
  3. What are the Medical Certification Requirements for Pilots?
  4. What is Ground Training Like?
  5. What is Flight Training Like?
  6. What Tests are Required to Become a Pilot?
  7. How Much Does it Cost to Become a Pilot?
  8. How Can I Find a Flight School or Flight Instructor?
  9. How Does a Pilot Stay Current and Proficient?
  10. What Additional Certificates and Ratings Can a Pilot Earn?
  11. How Do I Sign Up for an Introductory Flight Lesson?