Late April Ice Breakup on Green Bay

The view from a Cirrus SR22 today. We had an ice storm and then a snowstorm over the past couple of weeks even though it is April. What’s left of winter is hanging on as chunks of ice in the bay of Green Bay.

East shore of the bay, near Brussels, looking east
East shore of the bay, near Brussels, looking south
Over the bay between Sturgeon Bay and Peshtigo, looking north


Cloud shadows on fields in west-central Iowa 
I flew the 182 to Omaha, Nebraska’s main airport today to pick up the guys that I dropped off three days ago. It was a 6.4-hour round-trip. I got a chuckle out of air traffic control clearing me to a waypoint called “BEEFF” on the way in. Omaha Steaks, anyone?

To Omaha on April Fool’s Day

Lots of flying on this April Fools Day. About six and a half hours round trip to Millard Airport in Omaha, Nebraska and back. I dropped off a couple of guys and flew home solo in the Cessna 182.

I have to make this trip again soon if the weather is good, but I’ll go back to using “the big airport” from now on. After sitting in a plane for over three hours, it’s good to have friendly service once you get out.

It was interesting to watch the snow disappear on the way southwest. Coming back, I flew over the Mississippi River after sunset.

Southwest WI near Prairie du Chien


Mississippi River at Prairie du Chien


Whoa, where am I? Looks a lot different here in far western Iowa



Northeast Iowa on the way back home
Beautiful sunset over the Mississippi River near Lansing, Iowa 

From the Busiest Wisconsin Airport to the Farm Show’s Best Entrance

We made perfect use of the corporate Cessna 182 today. First I picked up my boss in Milwaukee, which was exciting to me because I don’t often get to go to that airport. (The FBO’s fees deter me as a recreational flyer.) It’s fun to visit the busiest airport in the state… not something I do every day.

My boss was flying into MKE on the airlines, and the Cessna would save him the drive north. I timed my flight so that I would be there right when he got to the terminal. On the van ride over, I discovered that the FBO employee went to the same college as I did. Small college, small world.
Saving the drive north was handy in itself, but it gets better: The annual WPS Farm Show was taking place on the EAA grounds at the Oshkosh airport. Robb wanted to check on his company’s exhibit and take a look around. It was right on the way home from Milwaukee, AND we could even taxi to the west ramp to park by the show! How cool. Talk about being able to do multiple things in a day thanks to your plane. We were really glad that the weather was great for it.

This was one of those days where work was extra-fun!

Earlier when I was flying solo to Milwaukee, I noticed the giant crack running across Lake Winnebago’s ice. I also got a really good shot of downtown Milwaukee.

Crack in the ice all the way across Lake Winnebago – looking east


Crack in the ice all the way across Lake Winnebago – looking west


Awesome view of Milwaukee on my way to General Mitchell airport (MKE)
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