Kicking Off $100 Hamburger Season

The first Wisconsin Flying Hamburger Social of the year was held at Marshfield, WI tonight. Keith and Colleen Mustain, Peter Carlson, and I flew over in Keith’s RV-10. Stormy weather threatened that area but we lucked out with it staying away. We got a few raindrops toward the end of the event. The turnout was good and it was a fun flight! The four of us were conducting research so that we could make final plans for our own hamburger social, which will be held next week at Brennand Airport.

This was the first WI Flying Hamburger Social I’ve been to. I wanted to go to one last year but had a scheduling conflict the night some others from Brennand went to Stevens Point. Somehow never got around to going to any of the others.

It’s a relatively new thing. It’s a traveling event that is held at different airports throughout Wisconsin on weeknights. The state is divided up into regions, and each region has a different night of the week.

Pretty cool idea, if you ask me. Different from all the weekend breakfasts that you sometimes have to get up at the crack of dawn for, and an alternative to the Friday Lunch at Iola that I can’t hardly get to anymore now that I have a “real job.” I love flying in the evenings and can’t wait to get to more of these events this year.

Lake Poygan
Lake Poygan, Wolf River, and marsh on the way back home

An Ercoupe Flight Review with AirVenture Around the Corner

It’s that time of year again… EAA AirVenture is just around the corner and the skies are buzzing with activity! At Brennand Airport, we’re preparing for our annual Brennand Old Time Airport Days fly-in this weekend, in addition to getting ready to welcome some visitors for EAA week.

The airport has been under construction this summer. The new owner, my former student Keith, has been changing the place for the better. He’s redoing the runway and building a big hangar facility that should be really cool when it’s done. The building won’t be ready in time for the show next week, but the runway was repaved just in time. It’s now 30 feet wide (up from 20). I haven’t taken off or landed at Brennand since July 6th before the runway closed. My fellow EAA chapter member Tony Van Kampen was one of the first pilots to experience the new pavement when he met me there today for a flight review in his Ercoupe.

Like the airport, Tony’s Ercoupe has undergone somewhat of a renaissance, getting a good makeover including a spiffy new white paint scheme to replace the powder blue. We would fly it windows-open, as usual!

N94670 Ercoupe
Ercoupe N94670

We landed in Waupaca and saw a couple of signs that we’re approaching EAA time: A semi truck for the “Jetman” Yves Rossy was parked by some hangars, and several Piper Cherokee airplanes were parked in the grass, part of the Cherokees 2 Oshkosh mass arrival group.

Piper airplanes at Waupaca for Cherokees 2 Oshkosh

It was a good day to fly and Tony’s ready to go for another two years. Even though the new runway at Brennand is only 10 feet wider, it feels like 100 feet… so roomy. So smooth, too, and not just because Tony’s Ercoupe landings are like butter.

Chicago Views on the Way Home from Eagle Creek

It was a warm trip to and from Eagle Creek Airpark in Indianapolis on July 22nd and 24th. I flew the Cessna 182 above the cumulus clouds whenever possible in order to find a nice ride for my passengers. We took the Chicago shoreline route on the way home and got some great views of the skyline.

Clouds and Green Fields
Nice green fields on the way down to Indianapolis
Eagle Creek Reservoir
Eagle Creek Reservoir near Indianapolis, looking south
Chicago Skyline
Chicago Skyline
Waukesha WI
Waukesha, WI area
Near Fond du Lac looking northwest
Near Fond du Lac looking northwest
Brennand Airport under construction
Brennand Airport under construction

Forests and Fields

Today was a repeat of some of the routes from the past few days, with 8 hours of corporate flying taking me from the beautiful Wisconsin northwoods scenery to the farms of Illinois and Indiana and back. I stopped at Manitowish Waters, WI again and got some good views of the Minocqua area. In Greencastle, Indiana, I had some good catfish at the airport restaurant and met a fellow Ercoupe flyer. The sun set as I was crossing back into Wisconsin, and the color stayed until well after 9:00, making for beautiful views over Lake Winnebago on the way home.

Clear Lake & Minocqua Lake
Clear Lake and Minocqua Lake
Clear Lake
Clear Lake and the NHAL State Forest near Minocqua, WI
Clintonville, WI
My hometown of Clintonville, WI and the airport where I started my flight training
Wind Turbines
Wind Turbines in northeastern Illinois
C182 and Ercoupe
The Cessna 182 and an Ercoupe owned by a pilot I met in the airport restaurant
Lake Butte des Morts
Almost home! Lake Butte des Morts after sunset
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