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Kicking Off $100 Hamburger Season

The first Wisconsin Flying Hamburger Social of the year was held at Marshfield, WI tonight. Keith and Colleen Mustain, Peter Carlson, and I flew over in Keith’s RV-10. Stormy weather threatened that area but we lucked out with it staying away. We got a few raindrops toward the end of the event. The turnout was good and it was a fun flight! The four of us were conducting research so that we could make final plans for our own hamburger social, which will be held next week at Brennand Airport.

This was the first WI Flying Hamburger Social I’ve been to. I wanted to go to one last year but had a scheduling conflict the night some others from Brennand went to Stevens Point. Somehow never got around to going to any of the others.

It’s a relatively new thing. It’s a traveling event that is held at different airports throughout Wisconsin on weeknights. The state is divided up into regions, and each region has a different night of the week.

Pretty cool idea, if you ask me. Different from all the weekend breakfasts that you sometimes have to get up at the crack of dawn for, and an alternative to the Friday Lunch at Iola that I can’t hardly get to anymore now that I have a “real job.” I love flying in the evenings and can’t wait to get to more of these events this year.

Lake Poygan
Lake Poygan, Wolf River, and marsh on the way back home