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An Ercoupe Flight Review with AirVenture Around the Corner

It’s that time of year again… EAA AirVenture is just around the corner and the skies are buzzing with activity! At Brennand Airport, we’re preparing for our annual Brennand Old Time Airport Days fly-in this weekend, in addition to getting ready to welcome some visitors for EAA week.

The airport has been under construction this summer. The new owner, my former student Keith, has been changing the place for the better. He’s redoing the runway and building a big hangar facility that should be really cool when it’s done. The building won’t be ready in time for the show next week, but the runway was repaved just in time. It’s now 30 feet wide (up from 20). I haven’t taken off or landed at Brennand since July 6th before the runway closed. My fellow EAA chapter member Tony Van Kampen was one of the first pilots to experience the new pavement when he met me there today for a flight review in his Ercoupe.

Like the airport, Tony’s Ercoupe has undergone somewhat of a renaissance, getting a good makeover including a spiffy new white paint scheme to replace the powder blue. We would fly it windows-open, as usual!

N94670 Ercoupe
Ercoupe N94670

We landed in Waupaca and saw a couple of signs that we’re approaching EAA time: A semi truck for the “Jetman” Yves Rossy was parked by some hangars, and several Piper Cherokee airplanes were parked in the grass, part of the Cherokees 2 Oshkosh mass arrival group.

Piper airplanes at Waupaca for Cherokees 2 Oshkosh

It was a good day to fly and Tony’s ready to go for another two years. Even though the new runway at Brennand is only 10 feet wider, it feels like 100 feet… so roomy. So smooth, too, and not just because Tony’s Ercoupe landings are like butter.