15 Years

Today is the 15th anniversary of my first flight!

I took my first-ever airplane ride at Clintonville, Wisconsin’s local fly-in back in high school and have been hooked on aviation ever since. What a journey it’s been!

I originally had today confirmed as a day off from work, and planned to take my Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) written test. It is the highest level of FAA pilot knowledge test and is required for the ATP rating. I’ve been studying like crazy and have been qualified to earn the rating for a long time. I’m not really sure where I’m going to go next, but the ATP written test would be one more major step along the way. It can open up the door to job as an airline pilot or a corporate flying position flying a larger airplane. Unfortunately I had to cancel the test when I was called up to fly a quick corporate flight to the Chicago area today. I’ll reschedule the test!

It would have been fun to pass that test today with such a significant date stamp, but the trip to Chicago was fun too. It was IFR and raining down there, so I had to do an instrument approach to get into Du Page. One day I was a kid dreaming of flying, and here I am blasting off into the clouds without a second thought. Truly amazing when I think about it. I can look back on 15 years of wonderful flying experiences and be very happy that I pursued my dream.