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Good Weather for the Brennand Airport Fly-In


The weather was nice for our annual Brennand Airport Old Time Days fly-in — just a little windy toward the end. Before the wind made us decide to wrap up flying activities, at least four other pilots and I gave several Young Eagles rides and orientation flights for adults. I flew the 172.

The weather helped attendance. The grill was going constantly. I had my mandatory yearly sno-cone. Lots of people came out to watch the planes, the ThedaStar helicopter, and R/C aircraft demos. This year for the first time, our EAA chapter had a bucket auction instead of a raffle for a fundraiser.

It seems like every year, there are thunderstorms on the afternoon of our Brennand fly-in day. I don’t know. But this year I had to fly to Green Bay later in the day to pick up the flight school airplane for maintenance, and there were thunderstorms threatening to head that way. I had to watch them on radar and wait to make sure they weren’t going to hit Green Bay. When I was finally convinced it would be safe, I took off and got a view of the storm from a distance.

EAA AirVenture opening day is just two days away!

Over Appleton – thunderstorm way off in the distance.
Approaching Green Bay – a good view of the storm.