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Cessna Skycatcher Ride

It is 500 million degrees outside.

Well, close.

Temp in the upper 90’s, heat index well over 100. So I’d need a pretty good reason to even want to go outside, let alone go flying.

Cessna sent some college interns on tour this summer, each with a Cessna Skycatcher. The interns would fly all over different regions of the country giving flight instructors demo rides. Cessna is calling it the Discover Flying Challenge.

It just so happened that this afternoon would be the only time Zoe “Ozone” Cunningham would be able to stop in at Jet Air in Green Bay. Poor girl was braving this heat – gotta keep the tour on track. I definitely wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to go for a ride. A short one! I told Zoe, just one lap around the pattern will be fine. I’ll at least get the idea!

The interns aren’t allowed to let anyone else sit in the pilot seat or try the controls. But Zoe convinced me I’d like to do that sometime, because the plane seemed really cool.

Cessna got a lot of the ergonomics right. The plane feels a lot bigger on the inside than it looks.

Even in this ridiculous heat, it performed beautifully, climbing steeply in typical light-sport airplane fashion.

The instrument panel was nicely laid-out. Everything seemed pretty straightforward. This looked like it would be a nice airplane to learn to fly in – which is exactly how Cessna is marketing it. It’s a modern-day Cessna 150/152.

I want one!