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Visiting my Alma Mater

Since moving back home from college in 2005, I’ve only been back to Dubuque a few times and had only been on campus again once briefly, until today.

Tyler, a flight student at Jet Air, plans to attend the University of Dubuque this fall. He needed to go there for registration day. His regular instructor was nice enough to let me substitute on today’s cross-country trip to my alma mater.

Dubuque, Iowa and the Mississippi River


All I can say is wow, the memories came back in a flood. It’s hard to believe that my own registration day was already 12 years ago. It was a very weird experience to be back on campus and reminisce about everything. Being there made me remember things I had forgotten.

My freshman year residence hall!


The belltower and quad


It was also strange to see so many changes on campus – like, “Hey, this wasn’t here before!” The city itself has also noticeably changed, continuing the positive transformation that started in about 2002. I had fun seeing the city during the trolley tour (which I never went on when I was living there).

Myers Center


Whoa, what is this? An arts center under construction.


Today was also the first time in seven years that I saw a couple of my former co-workers at the maintenance shop. One of them now runs the shop.

When I was in college, one of my goals was to be able to fly a Cirrus someday. So it was fitting that Tyler and I flew down in a Cirrus SR22 today. It was neat to be able to fly down and back in only an hour each way from Green Bay, spend a beautiful day in Dubuque, and be home in time for dinner.