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New Flight Simulator Available in Green Bay

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A virtual view of Anchorage, Alaska from the flight simulator


A flight simulator is now available at Jet Air in Green Bay. The Precision Flight Controls CRX AATD (advanced aviation training device) is an excellent learning tool that can simulate just about anything you can think of.

It’s been fun to learn to use the simulator. So far, I’ve taken a scenic flight around Anchorage, seen the lights of Chicago at night, practiced engine failures in a Beech Baron, and landed on a slippery runway with blowing snow, virtually.

As the instructor sitting at a separate computer station behind the student, I can tweak all kinds of variables of the scenario: weather, time of day, location, weight & balance, malfunctions, and more. I can also see the plane’s flight instruments, its location on a map, and whether its navigation instruments are set up correctly. In the simulator’s cockpit, realistic flight controls and a huge wraparound screen make the student’s lesson seem close to the real thing. The best part: there is a pause button.

The¬†simulator is FAA-approved as an AATD, so you can officially log time in it. The amount of time you can credit depends on what certificate or rating you’re pursuing; the maximum is 2.5 hours for private, 20 hours for instrument, 50 hours for commercial, and 25 hours for ATP. You can also use the simulator for instrument currency requirements. If you are interested in using the simulator yourself without an instructor and without logging time, you can do that too, after we train you on how to use it.

At Jet Air we’re excited to have the simulator up and running, available for training. It costs half as much as an airplane and is available no matter what the weather is like outside!¬†Watch out for the deer and birds on the runway.