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EAA AirVenture 2011

Late July came fast this year.  We endured a 100-degree heat wave over several days the week before EAA AirVenture.

The annual hangar party at Brennand Airport came and went, with too much heat, humidity, and mosquitoes.

It was warm again the next day at our annual Brennand Airport Old Tyme Days fly-in on Saturday the 24th, and I slept through most of that event not feeling well and not wanting to fly.  I came for lunch and helped with cleanup.  The event ended just before a thunderstorm came through with a heavy downpour.  We had good attendance and our EAA chapter did well with fundraising.

Sunday it was a little nicer – at least there were some clouds to keep things slightly cooler.  Jim and I went to the north end of Wittman Field to watch airplanes land in a constant stream.

Monday, opening day of EAA AirVenture, was my only chance to spend the day there, since I would have to work the rest of the week.  Jim and I wandered around the field and exhibit hangars, had some of those wonderful ice cream cones, and watched part of the airshow.  As usual, we ran into a few people we knew. My friend Mike from Hansen Air Group in Atlanta was manning the display for the Fk12 Comet light-sport aerobatic biplane.



Quite a paint scheme on this Quest Kodiak


Mike Hansen and the Fk12 Comet

The next Saturday night, we attended a hangar party on the north end of the airport and watched the night airshow.  That was very cool, especially with all the pyrotechnics involved.  The fireworks show afterward was the best I’ve ever seen.  This was only the second year of having a night airshow at EAA, and my first time seeing it.  Next year, it’s on my must-see list!