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Rides for Kids and a Bonus “Airshow”

Today EAA Chapter UL41 at Brennand Airport hosted some Hozhoni Weekend camp participants for a Sunday picnic lunch, airplane rides, and helicopter rides. The Hozhoni Weekend is a camp for families with children who have cancer. Like last year, today we lucked out with great weather for flying. I gave a few rides in the time I had between flight lessons today. I forgot to take pictures, but the parents definitely took lots of of them! It was nice to make the kids smile.

Appleton’s Octoberfest is today, and an aerial advertising company used our airport as a base for banner towing operations. So all of us got a few free airshows throughout the day as the Super Cub picked up and dropped banners. I’ve seen this a few times here before and always get a kick out of it. This year’s pilot was especially skilled. I shot a video clip of one of the banner pickups: