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AirVenture Thursday

Jim and I went to EAA AirVenture early this morning to make sure we would see the demonstration flight of the restored DC-7 airliner he’s crazy about. We claimed a good observation spot where we could watch the plane’s four engines start and blow smoke all over AeroShell Square. We watched the plane depart with a few VIPs onboard and hung around till it came back. Meanwhile, some FAA employees approached us for a survey they were doing, and we got to play with neat little wireless voting gadgets as we answered questions about airport markings and signs.

Jim knew about an opportunity for us to fly on the DC-7 and wanted to sign up for it, but there was too much hubbub around the plane when it came back. So we wandered off to lunch and checked out the vintage area.

We came back to the DC-7 later and paid to join the Historical Flight Foundation, the group that finished restoring this plane just in time to bring it to Oshkosh. As members of the organization, we’ll have the opportunity to ride along on repositioning flights. The next tour stop is Ypsilanti, Michigan this coming weekend and we plan to be onboard. I watched an artist make a very accurate drawing of the DC-7’s engines while Jim talked to a friend he ran into. Oil dripped onto the drawing – how’s that for realism?

We looked at the exhibit hangars to see what’s new and exciting. Next time I will bother to look at an exhibitor directory, because we walked up and down every aisle of all four huge exhibit buildings, and of course it wasn’t until the last aisle of the last building that I found the company I was looking for, BrightLine Bags. I love the BrightLine bag I’ve had for a while except that it’s falling apart. Other people had problems too, so the company switched manufacturers and improved the construction. Kudos to the company for listening to its customers. I upgraded to a new bag today for a significant discount.

After we had our ice cream cones (mandatory as far as I’m concerned), and after we saw everything we felt like seeing, we headed to a Mexican restaurant in Neenah for dinner with the crew of the DC-7.

There was definitely something weird about AirVenture this year with all of the “missing” airplanes. The North 40 camping area was full of open spaces. But despite the crazy flooding earlier this week, the show went on and I got my annual aviation overload!