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Ercoupe Fun with Friends

If I can’t visit my aviation friends around the country, at least EAA AirVenture brings them to me!

My former student Sean, who trained with me in 2007 as an AbleFlight scholarship recipient, is visiting from Philadelphia. We went for an open-cockpit joyride in the Ercoupe this afternoon. We were both surprised at how it seemed we had the whole sky to ourselves. The daily airshow was in progress nearby at Oshkosh, so with that airport temporarily closed, things were pretty quiet in the area. I had Sean try a few crosswind takeoffs and landings in Waupaca so he could see what the Ercoupe does best. I was hoping to post some of Sean’s pictures but I guess he has destroyed the evidence!

Sean convinced our friend Mike from Hansen Air Group in Atlanta to go for a ride too, so he was next. We toodled around west of Brennand Airport and researched the aerodynamics of sticking four arms up out the open cockpit. Fun stuff!

Tomorrow I’ll see a bunch of other AbleFlight people at a party.