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A Soggy Start to EAA Week

We had our fly-in at Brennand Airport today despite water being where water shouldn’t be. We’ve had record-setting amounts of rain and there is standing water all over the airport. The weather cooperated enough today that people could at least fly — we just didn’t dare taxi off the paved surfaces. When I walked through our grassy tiedown area, I discovered water high enough to cover my sandals. Oops.

A lot of visitors drove in for the annual Brennand Airport Old Time Days event sponsored by EAA Chapter UL41. I mingled with the crowd and flew one Young Eagles flight in the Ercoupe. Planes and helicopters constantly came and went as Brennand-based pilots gave rides.

This weekend is usually when thousands of aircraft arrive at the EAA grounds in Oshkosh, but judging by the conditions at Brennand Airport this morning, I could tell Oshkosh was going to have a big problem. Unless they were going to try parking airplanes in a swamp, there wouldn’t be much room. This afternoon I learned that due to the unprecedented wet conditions, EAA actually stopped accepting arrivals! There will be a lot of stranded pilots. Luckily at Brennand Airport we do have a little dry space to park airplanes, but not in the usual spot. Let’s hope things dry out ASAP!