EAA 2009

My normal life goes on hold each year for EAA AirVenture. This year I was at the show three days.


Tuesday the 28th: Jim and I watched the most recent Able Flight graduates get their wings during a ceremony on AeroShell Square. This year some celebrities were present as well as past graduates. Patty Wagstaff, Mike Goulian, and Miles O’Brien gave speeches before giving a wings pin to each new grad (Jessica Cox, Jeremy Maddox, and Mal Zackery). We killed time watching some afternoon flybys and watching one of the big draws this year: the Airbus A380 landing. Later we showed up in the ultralight area for our assigned volunteering shift with the tram. (Our EAA chapter at Brennand volunteers for this.) Jim drove while I talked to the people in back and answered their questions. We’d never done this before but it went pretty well. We drove for a couple hours then went to an Able Flight party at “7th Heaven” where I stayed in 2007 (on the airport).

Wednesday the 29th:
Unlike Tuesday where we had to be places, today we could do whatever. We walked all over the grounds and through the main exhibit buildings. I took some pictures of an RV-7 with a very artistic paint scheme. We watched the airshow and of course had to have one of those really good, big ice cream cones.

Saturday August 1st: We went to the show again this time with a mission to visit the Fly Market. Jim wanted to see if there were any parts, tools, or hardware worth buying. Somehow we left empty-handed that way but carried out a bag full of Ercoupe posters and an Ercoupe rubber stamp. Funny how that worked. By early afternoon we were pigging out on a smorgasbord of food at the Meyers Aviation party. We also stopped at the 7th Heaven hangar party but were too full to eat anything. We joined 100 or maybe it was 150+ other people there to watch the airshow. Normally it’s a great spot… but this year due to the crazy number of Oshkosh Truck products parked along the taxiway, we weren’t allowed to get very close to the action… and could hardly see it. After a little while there, we left, all Oshkoshed-out for the year.