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The Airshow from a Different Perspective

With nothing better to do, I figured I might as well spend another day at the airshow. The first thing I did was participate in the “WomenVenture” photo.
I caught the end of an FAA safety seminar about thunderstorms & gust fronts, then stayed for the entire AOPA seminar “The Top Five Mistakes Pilots Make.”

In the afternoon I drove over to Wayne’s house on the southeast corner of the field and discovered another reason it’s called “7th Heaven.” The airshow performers, who have to stay away from the crowd, fly right over Wayne’s house. This includes the F22! It was so loud that I could only manage to get one picture and a short video clip while trying to cover my ears with my arms at the same time. Wayne said, “I wonder if I’ll have any windows left!” I was so entertained that I stayed to watch the entire airshow from this awesome vantage point.