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Brennand Fly-In & Oshkosh Arrivals

The annual Brennand Airport Old Time Airport Days fly-in attracted a lot of visitors today. Most drove in, but a few pilots did fly in despite the strong crosswind. Eventually it got too windy to keep the Young Eagles rides going in the airplanes, but the helicopters continued giving rides with no trouble. The Theda Star medical helicopter was on display with its crew available to chat. It seems like we did pretty well with food sales, which is a fundraiser for our EAA chapter. There was also a raffle drawing for prizes including the grand prize of a hangar party.

Later in the day I joined a few people to go to the north end of the airport in Oshkosh and watch EAA arrivals. It was actually kind of slow at the time, so not as exciting as I thought it would be. We did get to see the B-17 take off though, which was neat. I also saw what must be one of the first production Cessna SkyCatchers land.