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Sky Arrow Setback

The Able Flight training was moving along until Tuesday, July 2nd when Sean and I were flying around Oshkosh.  Since then we’ve lost three days of training due to maintenance.  The airplane’s electrical system stopped charging correctly, meaning something was wrong with the alternator or voltage regulator.  It took a while to arrange maintenance because of the July 4th holiday and people being busy.  The airplane has a Rotax engine and there aren’t many Rotax repair places around.  The closest and quickest to respond was in Reedsburg, WI.  I flew the plane there solo today to get the problem checked out.  The mechanic was quick to fix what turned out to be the voltage regulator.  He just had to put a new one in.

I ended up having to spend the whole afternoon and most of the evening there, though, because the weather quickly got convective and thunderstorms moved through nearby.  I had expected it to happen so I brought my computer along for something to do.  The people at the FBO were incredibly nice… I went to lunch with one of the instructors, and later they let me share the pizza they got for dinner!  I also got to see several Ercoupes based on the field.  The weather finally cleared just in time to let me get back to Oshkosh before dark.