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Four Trips to Green Bay this Week

On Wednesday the 25th, I flew with my instructor for an instrument lesson with one of my own students riding in the back.  Then that student had his lesson with me, with my friend who is working on her instructor training riding in the back.  On Thursday, I did a Cessna 172 familiarization lesson with a private pilot.  On Friday I had a simulator lesson with my instructor.  Then on Saturday another of my students had a lesson with me.  The weather was quickly deteriorating so I had to cancel my second student that day.  However, I rode along with two Cavu instructors in our twin-engine Piper Seminole on a local flight in the clouds and rain.  We lucked out by normal January standards, because it is usually difficult to get actual instrument flying time in the winter because of icing concerns.  It was warm enough that there was no icing in the lower altitudes.  This is the warmest January on record for this area and the third least snowiest.  I wouldn’t mind if that trend continued, as long as the sun comes out again!