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A Few Hours of CAP Flying

My Civil Air Patrol squadron recently received its new airplane and today I got to fly it.  (We traded with a different squadron and got this nice 172 with a wonderfully comfortable new interior and a sparkling, sharp paint scheme.)  Like our old one, this one is also 180 horsepower instead of the standard 160 or 150.  Anyway, today I took my instructing future for a test drive by being a safety pilot for an instrument student.  He benefitted by having me along to look for traffic and provide pointers.  I benefitted by practicing my instrument instruction techniques to help me get ready for my CFII checkride.  We flew the CAP plane for just over two hours, going from Shawano to Green Bay for some instrument approaches and a practice VOR hold.  We were on an IFR flight plan and wound up in the clouds for several minutes, so that was cool.  Later today I flew with a different CAP member who needed to do her required three landings to regain 90-day passenger currency.  This was all volunteer on my part but I got to log all the time.  It was worth it just to fly that airplane.  I’m used to 150 horses in 81Q.  The CAP plane climbs in a hurry and it likes to cruise fast by Cessna 172 standards!