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Arrrrrrrrrgggghh! – I’m gonna need a do-over.

I had my mock CFI checkride with the chief instructor today.  The oral part covering fundamentals of instruction went fine.  We were running short on time, so we didn’t talk about any flight subjects.  Then we went flying.  My head wasn’t in the game.  We started with eights on pylons and I made a mistake I’d never made before.  I was pretty frustrated with myself.  I tried it again and did okay.  Then when I tried slow flight, I flew way below my normal skill level.  It wasn’t my day.  I wasn’t mentally there anymore.  I decided it would be better to end the flight and try again another day.

I couldn’t quite figure out what my problem was, but I know it was a combination of factors.  I’m sure it had something to do with being tired, nervous, and under so much pressure.  At least it’s better that this happened on a practice flight rather than the real test.  Still, my confidence took a big hit here, and I’m going to fly with my instructor again before I do anything else.