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Always Read the Fine Print

Oh no!  My checkride was scheduled for two days from now until I realized I am missing part of the required training.  I double-checked the regulations and found something buried in there that will cause me another delay.  I don’t have the required solo night cross-country and solo night landings!!!  I need to log a two-hour night solo cross-country in night VFR with a landing at least 100 nautical miles from my starting point.  I wish I would have noticed this earlier, because I didn’t realize the flight had to be solo.  Otherwise I would meet the requirement.  I also come close with a couple cross-countries that are just under two hours.  This is an unwelcome setback and expense.  Also, I found out that I need to log 10 night solo landings at an airport with an operating control tower.  This means I’ve got to go somewhere else.  Dubuque’s tower closes at 8:00 which is only about half an hour after sunset.  I’m surprised to find out that I have only logged one night solo landing with a tower operating.

Naturally I intend to combine these things.  I plan to do a night cross-country with a few landings at a few different airports.  It will definitely be tiring.  Once it is done, though, I will be ready for my checkride.  It is rescheduled for September 8th.  However, I don’t know if I’ll make it, because the nights have been very humid with low visibility lately.