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Graduation Party Flying Plans Don’t Work Out

I had a graduation party today and planned to take relatives flying.  With the 150 long gone and no other airplanes to rent in Clintonville, I had to look elsewhere.  I pried myself out of bed at 6 a.m. to get checked out in a 172 in Green Bay.  I did three landings in an old 172 with an instructor.  Everything went fine minus my morning toungue-tiedness on the radio.  My friend Kevin and I were taxiing out to leave when the ammeter indicated a discharge during the runup.  We taxied back in and waited a while.  A mechanic looked at the plane and decided it was the voltage regulator causing the problem.  He fixed it and I taxied out again.  The system failed after I put full throttle in on the runway.  I aborted that takeoff, taxied back and called it quits.  There weren’t any other planes available, so my friend and I had to drive back to Clintonville and no one got an airplane ride.