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Finally Flew Again, in an Interesting Way!

I flew in EAA’s Flightstar IISL ultralight today! I have never done anything quite like this. The fact that I hopped in without hesitation proves that I’m willing to do just about anything when it comes to flying! The plane is basically a bunch of tarps stretched over pipes. It has a Rotax engine that seems like it belongs on a snowmobile. The two-seat “cockpit” has a windshield but no sides. It seemed like the four-point harness was the only thing keeping me in there, and I had to wear a helmet and make sure I left my loose valuables behind! On the ground, I could reach outside and touch the grass. In the air, I stuck my arm into the 65 mph wind. Now I know why they say “low and slow is the way to go.” We flew for about 20 minutes. I flew a little and discovered that on a bumpy day, the plane is a challenge to fly! The wind cleared out my brain! I thought it was a lot of fun and I would like to do more ultralight flying. I took pictures and I’ll post them when they get developed.

This weekend is Ultralight Days at Pioneer Airport. Ultralights are flying in Saturday. There will be competitions Saturday evening and the planes will leave Sunday morning. This is all weather depending, of course! I plan to be there tomorrow.