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No More Partial Panel Procedures (for a while)!

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I am over my cold and I had a flight lesson today. I finished up my partial panel procedures (YAY!). Wearing the foggles and lacking two instruments, I flew from Dubuque to Monticello, where I did an NDB-A approach. I wasn’t looking forward to what came next, but it didn’t turn out too difficult: partial panel steep turns and unusual attitude recoveries. By the time I was inbound on the ILS approach to Dubuque, I was feeling sick. I was glad when it was over. Later, I looked at my syllabus and was surprised to see how relatively little I have left to do before my checkride. I need to do a few IFR cross-countries and then a few hours of review. Then it will be time for a stage check and my checkride already. I’m on track to have my instrument rating by the end of this semester. That was my goal.