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Work and Reward

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I performed two partial panel DME arcs and followed that by doing a partial panel VOR approach and a partial panel NDB approach. I logged 1.2 hours of simulated instrument flight. Then, after landing, I insisted on doing extra landings because lately mine aren’t as good as they should be. My instructor rode along as I did an extra touch-and-go, which was better than my first landing, and then one more full-stop landing, which was a perfect “greaser.” I was satisfied then. I logged a total of 1.5 hours. By 5:30 the wind was almost calm and the sky was still overcast with high clouds, so it was perfectly smooth. I was very tempted to go do a solo flight lesson in the practice area. But I felt like I couldn’t think anymore, so I knew that practicing steep turns, slow flight, and stalls wouldn’t be a good idea. I wanted to fly more though! To my luck, just when I got back, two of my buddies were going to go out and do approaches. They let me ride along. It was a fun hour of flight which lasted until after dark. What a nice present to myself after a challenging (and boring) lesson. We did a couple of fun maneuvers too. 😉